Scientific Injection Molding Seminars for 2014
Dates and Locations; Instructor: John Bozzelli
Custom On-Site Seminars a Specialty!
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September 16 – 18

New Tool Process Development/Optimization via Scientific Molding, $1,575

Detroit MI

October 21 – 23

October 28 - 30

Process Development for Medical Molding Validation $1,675

Advanced Topics Polymers & Processing
with Mike Sepe,  $1,775

Chicago, IL

Erie, PA

November 4 - 6

Process Optimization via Scientific Molding, $1,575

Elgin, IL

November 18 – 20

New Tool Process Development Optimization via SIM, $1,575

Chicago, IL

December 2 – 4

Process Optimization via Scientific Molding, $1,575

Detroit, MI

 I will do everything possible to keep these dates and locations; however, they may change due to machine availability.  It is important that we have a press and mold to demonstrate the principals taught.  Please do not make reservations that you cannot cancel before you are confirmed in the seminar.  Thank you for your interest in Scientific Injection Molding.  
Questions or to register:  989-832-2424 or  Email: Click on "Contact John" below