Process Development for 
    Medical Molding Validation 

    at-the-press training
    by John Bozzelli

    September 15 - 17, Elgin, IL

    Starts 8:30 AM on Tuesday, Ends ~1:00 PM Thursday


    Benefits for you and your shop:
    Process development that can be justified with data and replicated in production
    Learn the role process development has in validations
    Reduce the time, money and unnecessary hassles in your DOE's, validation procedures. 
    Understand the normal process variances and how to deal with them
    Get DOE data that tells you the truth, the first time around

    Sense process changes, as they occur, not after two hours of wasted production!
    See glass mold videos of plastic filling various cavities; drag flow, in-mold decorating, splay, gas....
    Get the Validation team, Quality, Processing and Management on the same page 

    "This class puts you well on the way to validating processes"  CA  "Turned on the light in a huge room of darkness"

    : The course will provide the details for you to develop, validate and document an optimized injection molding process for medical parts.  This procedure will pass stringent medical or electronic requirements. An FDA case history will be shown. At-the-press training. This year there will be more on IQ, OQ and PQ. Learn plastic variables, not set points. Applies to all high-performance, critical tolerance injection molded parts. See plastic flow through glass window molds to visualize and prove the important "Plastic" variables you need to control.  

    WhereArburg Technical Center Midwest, 2585 Millennium Dr, Elgin, IL.  847-488-1313   Hotel: Country Inn & Suites,   2270 Point Boulevard, Elgin, IL 60123, 847-426-6400, ask for Arburg rate~ $90.  You are responsible for your own travel and hotel reservations.  Injection Molding Solutions will not be held responsible for any cancelation fees.  Thank you for traveling it is not fun anymore.

    Who should attend: Anyone interested in learning injection molding or obtaining an optimized process that will run a production capable process 24/7 even on different presses.  Design, Process, Project Engineers, Processors, Quality Control, Process Technicians, Machine Suppliers, FDA agents, Plant Owners and Production Management will learn what is needed for getting the job done right, the first time.  Take the art out of molding.  
    Who should attend: Anyone that deals with FDA validations of injection molding processes and parts.  Designers, Processors, Project Engineers, Program managers, Quality Control, Validation Team, Process Technicians, Machine Suppliers, FDA, Plant Owners and Production Management will learn the critical details of molding.  End the frustration, save time, get everyone on the same page for molding.  Anyone interested in leading the industry.  Enrollment is limited.
    Fees: $1,675 per person.  PO to Injection Molding Solutions or credit card, credit card is charged the week before the seminar. Seminar fees are to be prepaid.  Phone 989-832-2424.  Cancellations are subject to a $150.00 processing fee.  No refunds will be granted when canceling within one week from the first seminar date. Substitutions will be allowed.
    Questions welcome: Call 989-832-2424 or click on "Contact John"  below
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